Everybody And Their Mother

Growing up, Mother’s Day was not my favorite holiday. It probably had something to do with the fact that I wasn’t a mother. However, holidays in our house — unless they were for me — weren’t a huge deal. My parents didn’t require being showered in presents and specially planned events just because it was “X” Day. Mother’s Day used to be a day with obligatory mushy acts of affection, and since my mom never made a big deal of it, my dad and I didn’t either. Don’t get me wrong — we appreciated her all other days of the year anyway (though she probably didn’t always feel like we did), so Mother’s Day was just another Hallmark event.

After 28 years of saying “Happy Mother’s Day” to my mom and grandmas, I finally got to receive the sentiments and let me tell you, I am totally on board with Mother’s Day now! What a treat! I’ve loved being a mom for 279 days from the night Madelyn was born through May 13th, but I really loved being a mom on Mother’s Day! It really feels great to be appreciated and I didn’t have to wash one bottle that day! Score!

I woke up to cards from my favorite household loved ones. Interestingly, Princeton, Madelyn, and Bryan all have the same handwriting. Hmmm…

Hallmark owns my dining room table.

Good morning giggles with my love bug!

Princeton's card says "I RUFF YOU." I'm glad he and I have the same sense of humor.

Madelyn calls "Take backs!" on the card she got me! Rude!

Bryan also managed to surprise me with a gift. A lot of my mama friends were asking for diamonds. I like myself a carat or two as well, but Bryan also knows his wife well, and when mommy is stressed, everybody is stressed. So lucky me got a gift card to my favorite day spa! Facial, massage, and pedi here I come! Wheeee!!!!

Madelyn tries to torture me so she can steal my gift card. Who does this kid think she is?!

Smiling with my children, Baby Human and Baby Spa Gift Card.

It was nice to spend the morning with Madelyn and play together. I think she knew that Mother’s Day meant she had to spoil me; she was on perfect behavior, giggled like crazy, and went down for her nap like she was an Olympian napper with endorsements from Serta.

We knew we wanted to spend the chunk of the day with our own moms, too, so we planned to have everyone over at our community pool for lunch, chit-chat, and play time with everyone’s favorite baby. We exchanged cards and simple, kind gifts. And Madelyn gave her grandmas and her Gigi a card with handprints that she made in our Mommy & Me class. I can’t wait until she’s a little older and she comes home with handmade presents for me. I think I will wear them and hang them proudly!

Eating and talking. And probably both at the same time too.

Grandma holds up Maddie's prints -- almost as valuable as diamonds. Almost.

Madelyn the pop star riffs freestyle because that's just the kind of soul sista she is. Mmmmm hmmmmmmmmm

Mother's Day ROCKS! Next year, I'm totally buying my mom a private jet to Tahiti and getting Ryan Gosling to sign her bra.

Madelyn in a sea of her own DNA.

Madelyn flashes her gang signs in broad daylight for the camera.

Four generations, holy cow!

The original Mama Friedman with her two babies.

Don't worry, Ma. I totally get Mother's Day now. We are going big from now on!

It truly was a lovely day! Our time at the pool flew by, which is easy when you’re noshing on summer fruits and gushing over a baby. And to the HOA Gestapo who tried to tell us that pets are not allowed in the pool area, I say, “What pet?! It’s Mother’s Day and Princeton is my child!”