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Cuttin’ the Crib

by Alison Friedman in Marvelous Madelyn, Mommy's Musings, Pregnancy

I just put Madelyn to sleep in her crib for the very last time. Her big girl bed arrives tomorrow and Halloween night will be her first snooze in the full size bed. Let’s hope sugar and cheap chocolate are the missing ingredients to a successful night’s sleep.

This was right after she said: "Mommy, can I go to sleep in my crib now?" Pinch me.

This was right after she said: “Mommy, can I go to sleep in my crib now?” Pinch me.

We also read her final story from the glider and ottoman. It’s probably a good thing, as she’s having a hard time fitting on my lap since her sister is beginning to take up too much thigh real estate (never thought I’d get to say that my thighs are getting smaller). The next time we read a story before bed, we will snuggle together side by side.

Final cuddles in our chair before the new tenant takes on the lease.

Final cuddles in our chair before the new tenant takes on the lease.

It’s weird, this whole big girl bed thing. I am excited for her and looking forward to our family enjoying her new room, but I am also super nostalgic about closing this chapter. I remember all the sleepless nights I spent planning her nursery. Every detail was intricately imagined. I tossed and turned over the crib bedding and played Goldilocks on dozens of chairs in stores throughout Los Angeles: this one’s too glidey; this one’s too stiff; this one’s juuuuuust right. Some things don’t always go as planned and some things do. I always assumed she would be up all night in her crib leaving us exhausted — because that’s what babies do — and that she and I would spend hours in that chair nursing and cuddling — because that’s what babies do. Thankfully, the former didn’t happen — she slept soundly in that crib, and we lucked out in that department. The latter, well, that didn’t happen either, but perhaps I will get the chance to experience nursing and bonding with Madelyn’s baby sister.

It’s taken a while for Madelyn to come around on the big girl bed. She has always really loved sleeping in her crib. I tried to nap with her once in our bed, and she wouldn’t even close her eyes. She needs her own space and was always very attached to the security her crib provided. It’s so interesting how some kids are cut out for different sleeping arrangements. So months ago, when we presented the idea that change was blowin’ in the wind, she pretty much protested. We wanted to cut the crib early, around halfway through my pregnancy, so that she’d have time to adjust and it wouldn’t seem that the new baby was stealing her property.

I should’ve known she wasn’t going to drink the crib Kool-Aid just yet; she’s the only three-year-old I know who had never even attempted getting out. She can’t even climb in by herself. I always heard stories about the time I climbed out of my crib and my mom awoke to my face at her pillow. No such surprise ever happened because Madelyn never wanted out.

This is as far as Madelyn gets when she tries to climb in. Her upper body strength is not Olympian and her drive is not Harvardian.

This is as far as Madelyn gets when she tries to climb in. Her upper body strength is not Olympian and her drive is not Harvardian.

Even on weekend mornings, she will wake up around 8:30 and happily play for hours sometimes until 10:00 or 10:30, by singing songs, telling stories to her stuffed animal “friends,” and recreating the previous day’s events. Her crib has always been her spot for relaxing and her spot for creating; that crib knows secrets and the depths of her imagination.

It was only about a week ago that Madelyn finally got on board with the big girl bed. We went shopping for her bedding at Pottery Barn Kids and I was on a mission to find the cutest bedding. It was like nursery planning all over again, but this time, it had to last. Never did I think that she’d spend over three years in her crib, so I knew that this would be even more long term and hopefully take her to her pre-teen age. After about an hour of playing with all the overpriced magical decor at PBK, she realized how much she loved all the big girl items. When I picked out her bedding and showed it to her, she said it was “so beautiful, Mommy!” and I knew she had fallen victim to the wonder and enchantment of Pottery Barn.

Creating a monster.

Creating a monster.

Apple. Tree. It doesn’t fall far.

This past week, we’ve been busy building new furniture for her so that her baby furniture can go in her sister’s room. The poor child isn’t even born yet and is already getting Madelyn’s hand-me-downs. I plan to decorate the nursery with all new bedding and accessories so that Baby Girl Friedman #2 has somewhat of her own identity. Meanwhile, Madelyn gets a fresh start with a new dresser and bookshelf bench in addition to her new bed and bedding. Tomorrow, her crib and glider chair will move next door, and the adventure of her big girl room begins.

I’m crossing all my body parts — which is very hard to do when you’re 21 weeks pregnant — that her first night goes smoothly and sets the precedent for continued healthy sleeping habits for our lover of Zzzzzzzzz’s. I’ve heard of putting a pool noodle toy under the fitted sheet to help prevent roll outs. Any other nuggets of wisdom for keeping a kid in bed when freedom has suddenly been granted?

Since she never tried to go all Shawshank on me, I am hoping the lack of baby jail bars won’t tempt her to pull anything naughty.

She's never been so happy to be held captive behind bars. PJs are the new black.

She’s never been so happy to be held captive behind bars. PJs are the new black.

I won’t worry myself too much with what-ifs and maybes. Instead, I will continue to savor our last night together in the chair, cuddled close as her hair tickled my chin between sentences of our book. And despite the minor hernia from lifting her, I will treasure the moment of putting my baby — no, big girl — into her crib for her final snooze.

Growing up is sad-cool.

Marching Forth

by Alison Friedman in Baby Land, Mommy's Musings, Pregnancy

Already this poor kid is getting the infamous second child shaft. Twenty weeks in, and she’s only had her own blog post once. Oh yeah, it’s a “she.” See? SO MUCH INFORMATION I HAVEN’T WRITTEN ABOUT. I think by 20 weeks, I had already blogged about Madelyn’s every cell, so this is an extreme departure in this chapter of motherhood.

So first thing’s first. As mentioned, it’s a girl! And a very healthy and perfect one at that, and Madelyn is so darn excited to have a little sister. We found out at our 12-week ultrasound. The tech was pretty sure it was a girl, but hesitated to tell us because she didn’t want me to go nuts (what would ever give her that impression?). We confirmed at an indulgent ultrasound studio that it was indeed 99% girl, and the tech there said the only reason she couldn’t tell us 100% is because they’re not allowed to. Holy vagina!


The pregnancy started off stressful due to my beloved Dr. Fiiiiine confirming with me that she was going to cease the obstetrics portion of her practice in exchange for a more stable and consistent lifestyle with normal hours. Can’t say I blame her, but I was more than heartbroken. She had been there for me during the most amazing — and most scary — parts of my experiences with Madelyn, and I was sad that she would not deliver our second child. I also wasn’t thrilled about having to find a new OB, but she referred me to another local doctor who I’ve now seen twice. Dr. Replacement is very nice and knowledgeable, and so far I think I made a good decision by choosing to see him. I’ve heard that he’s an excellent surgeon and at this point, that’s what I care about most. As a second-time mom, I am not as concerned or worried about every minute symptom of the pregnancy and I don’t have to question about his practices during a natural delivery since I am having a repeat c-section. I’m confident he will do a nice job and will take the necessary precautions to make sure I don’t go through what I went through after Madelyn’s c-section.

I started this pregnancy seeing Dr. Fiiiine’s dad who she practices with (and who delivered me in 1983) because Dr. Fiiiine was out of town. Then I saw Dr. Fiiiine twice more before we decided we had to break up and see other people (me, other doctors; her, other women who were not bearing children). Before I found Dr. Replacement, I also did a test run with another popular OB in the area and wasn’t thrilled with him. I also sprinkled in a routine appointment with the perinatologist for a first trimester screen. So, lots of various doctors, and not a lot of consistency — thank goodness this wasn’t my first baby or I’d be a wreck! I’ll see Dr. Replacement next week at 21 weeks and only for the third time. His checks seem to be less detailed and exciting from what I remember at Dr. Fiiiine’s and of course I miss her office staff terribly, but I think once we hit the homestretch and it’s showtime, he’ll really deliver the goods. Literally and figuratively. And then, when I’m all done and it’s time for annual visits, I plan to go back to Dr. Fiiiine because there’s no love like your first love.

(Side note: I had to call Dr. Fiiiine’s office to transfer some records. We spoke on the phone and as we were hanging up, I blurted out, “I MISS YOU” and then there was a really awkward silence. I am THAT girl). (This could be me).

Other than the excitement of adding another girl to our house and the shuffle of doctors to deliver this girl, this pregnancy has been pretty low key. Like last time, I’ve felt really normal and pretty healthy. I was never too sick and the only thing that’s bothered me has been some pretty debilitating headaches, but I also appreciate how easy I’ve had it compared to some other moms.

Part of that ease has been Madelyn. The times when I am down for the count, that little girl impresses me beyond all expectations. She’s such a happy, independent player and can keep herself busy for hours. Whether it’s playing school with her dolls, reading books, coloring and painting, or dressing up in all of her princess costumes, I have felt better knowing I can take time for myself while she stays happy and healthy.

Out and about with my big girl who asked to take a selfie of us. Oy.

Out and about with my big girl who asked to take a selfie of us. Oy.

Of course we love our play time and snuggle time, and we enjoy many trips and errands out during the day, but I am so thankful for the times I need to be selfish.

I don’t know if it’s the hormones or if it’s the normal response, but I often find myself tearing up when she talks to “her” baby, hugs my belly, tickles it, and cuddles with her sister. Just this morning, during a cuddle sesh with my belly button that may as well poke an eye out, she said, “Oh, Baby! I just love you! I can’t wait to teach you!” Yeah. There was a puddle and it wasn’t my water breaking early, that’s for sure.


I’m going to make sure I update more so that this little ones doesn’t come read this blog one day and hate me for neglecting to document her time in my belly. It’s gone fast and I know it’ll go faster now that we’re a little more than halfway done cooking. March 4th is the big day, and march forth we will!