Shooting the Baby

by Princeton in Pregnancy, Tails from Princeton

Don’t read too much into the title of this blog post. It’s not what you think. See, I really love my parents and they really love me. And even though people say I’m going to be jealous because of all the attention and what not, the only shooting of the baby will be with a camera.

The reason I know this is because the new fancy shmancy camera that Dad bought has been in my face non stop. Can’t a dog rest on the couch without being photographed? He’s practicing on me, which means I’m just the guinnea… dog. Lucky for them, I’m extremely photogenic and funny and handsome and entertaining, so even as a beginner, Dad can’t really mess up too badly.

Still, though, he’s spent a lot of time typing and staring at the mini light-up TV on his desk (a computer, they call it?), researching and learning about techy terms like “depth of field,” and “aperture,” and “white balance.” Look, I know words like “sit,” “stay,” and “bang bang,” and those seem much more practical because at least I get food when I do them. Dad doesn’t get food when he learns his new words. He just picks up the camera and does more work.

So anyway, this leads me to my first time in a hotel room. They snuck me in like I was a kidnapped human by putting me in a bag and draping a blanket over my head. Mom thought she was being slick, but any idiot knows there’s a dog breathing and wriggling in there. So they took me to this hotel and I sniffed every corner of the room we were in (which was GIANT) and my doggie nose won’t even go into detail about all the smells I picked up because you humans will be glad you’re humans with lame noses. I had no idea where we were until we started walking around town.

They took me to wine country up in Santa Ynez. Why they’d go to WINE country when 2/3 of our party can’t drink alcohol is beyond me. Oh yeah. The pictures. The whole weekend was a camera love fest and yours truly was the star. Sometimes mom would jump in the pictures, but usually, they’d just put me in these ridiculous poses, look at the screen on the camera, laugh, and be really proud of themselves for their clever idea… at my expense. It’s really difficult being this cute.

The new kid that’s coming in August better be ready to be shoved in clogs and wooden soldier cutouts all for the sake of a photograph. Glad someone else will relieve me of my on-camera duties. Then I can just go back to living the life of a lazy dog.

Outside of Panino.

Walking around Los Olivos.

Back in the hotel.

Princeton, do you wanna go in the caaaaaaar?!?!

Meeting a friend.
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Princeton in a shoe.

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Reading each other's minds?.jpg

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  1. Cathy Reeves
    4/22/2011 8:03 AM

    The wooden soldier pic is hysterical!!!