I Got A Feelin’

by Bryan Friedman in Daddy's Corner

Dear Baby Daughter,

It’s been nearly two months since your mommy first felt you kick and I rushed over to see if I could feel you too. Weeks have passed with so many nights of me sitting on the bed, watching TV while the palm of my hand is suctioned on to your mother’s ever-growing belly, waiting not so patiently to feel you squirming around. It was frustrating for both me and your mom that I hadn’t been able to feel you in there.

Well, today, I finally did! It was just one little bump on your mommy’s tummy, like a punch almost. You’re pretty strong! Anyway, it sure was nice to meet you finally…at least without the all the doctors and cameras around. Thanks for kicking so hard right where my hand was placed. The occasion felt very momentous, but I’m sure I’ll catch you plenty of more times swimming around in there over the next couple months. I can’t wait!

In the meantime, you should know we’ve been hard at work getting rid of all the clutter in the house to make room for you. Your room is starting to come along too! We don’t have much furniture, and we haven’t painted yet, but we’re adding some light and making room in your closet. We’ve already started a small library for you so we’ll have plenty of reading to do when you finally get here. Also, you already have the beginnings of what I think is a pretty cute wardrobe. Believe me, though, it’s only going to grow. Pretty soon you’ll have more clothes than you could ever even possibly wear — although I understand you might go through a few changes a day so it’s probably okay. I don’t really understand “girl clothes” but your mom pretty much breaks into tears whenever she sees your little outfits, so I think you’ll be well dressed.

I’m excited to meet you in person, but for now I’m definitely okay just feeling you dancing around. Feel you later!


  1. Cathy
    4/24/2011 9:59 PM

    Awwwwww, so precious!!!