Madelyn’s Biggest Fan-elyns

Our stay in the hospital was as pleasant as a hospital stay could be. Our nurses were fabulous and our visits from Dr. Fiiiine and Madelyn’s pediatrician, Dr. Baby, were always informative. Unfortunately, there were no more visits from Dr. Hunk and it’s only unfortunate because he was a hunk. No more numbing and sleepy drugs for me after the surgery!

We also had some visitors, which was exciting! Seeing people from the “outside world” helped break up our monotonous days in the hospital and of course we were proud to show off our new prize. Of course the excited new grandparents came every day to visit, and were also great caterers, too (the hospital food wasn’t horrific, but after what we’d been through, we felt like we deserved more commercial eats). It was fun to watch the grandparents gush over their new granddaughter. Since I’m an only child, I’ve never seen my parents melt while holding another baby. In fact, they probably didn’t even melt as much holding me 28 years ago as they do now with Madelyn! But it’s super sweet and I love watching them with her.

It’s fun to hear our visitors analyze Madelyn’s every feature, noticing she has Bryan’s this and Alison’s that. We loved introducing her to some of our closest friends and family members so we tried to get photos of all our visitors with Madelyn, but I know we’re missing some. Oops, sorry!

Madelyn and Auntie Alison

Madelyn with Grandma Ellen and of course Daddy

Madelyn with Grandpa Jay

Madelyn with her Mimi and a very I-just-gave-birth-yesterday-looking me

Madelyn and her Poppa

4 generations: Madelyn with me, her Poppa, and her Bubbie

Madelyn with my grandma, her GG

Madelyn with our best friend and the Best Man, Brian

Madelyn gets to know her Uncle Kevin

Madelyn and I with Stefanie, my friend and her future BFF’s mom

After four nights in the hospital, it’s easy to get stir crazy. We could hardly remember what life was like beyond the doors of Los Robles. So the day we went home, Saturday, August 13th, we were super excited, but also a little nervous. Leaving the hospital meant losing our security blankets of nurses and equipment. Apparently, we were all well and ready to take this kid home and raise her all on our own. I’d never really been around baby-babies; no real experience in the fresh newborn department. So, the first time I dressed Madelyn to put on her going-home outfit was an eye opener for me. She didn’t just lay there quietly and motionless, unlike my American Girl doll I’d dressed and redressed for so many years as a kid. Dressing Madelyn, a real human baby, was fun and exciting, even though a bit of a challenge, and seeing her out of her hospital uniform made her seem more real to me; more ours.




With Madelyn dressed for the real world, we loaded up our loot, I hopped into the wheelchair with the babe on my lap, and we made the journey out of the hospital and into the car in which Bryan was never more nervous to drive. My parents met us there to help with the load out to and to photograph the event (of course), and they even brought Big Brother Princeton in the car who was tantalized at seeing Bryan and me, but couldn’t make contact yet. We were saving our big reunion for the next stop: home.




Madelyn’s first car ride was uneventful and she did great. She snoozed for most of it as I sat next to her in the back seat and stared at her. I remember being in awe of her existence and the fact that it was changing my life. That it already had.



When we got home, my parents pulled up behind us and let Princeton reunite with us first. I don’t think he had any idea that he’d also become a big brother and was about to meet the new addition to our family. He was too concerned with sniffing us and jumping up in excitement with his welcome home kisses. Instinctively, I guarded my belly and felt the pangs of guilt that I couldn’t snuggle with him and really get down and dirty for our reunion.

After he calmed down a bit, we went inside the house where Madelyn was patiently waiting in her carrier. We stood close to the baby not sure of what Princeton’s reaction would be, but really, he couldn’t care less! A few sniffs here and there and then he just seemed pleased to be back in his home that he’s always ruled.




Our first afternoon at home as new parents was filled with lots of relaxation and quality time with our baby. Both of our parents were over to share in the joy of having her home from the hospital, each taking their turns to hold Madelyn. Of course there was noshing and taking phone calls and house organization, but, most of all, it was a wonderful hubbub of newness.

When everyone left and it was time to head upstairs for our first night with our baby, there was a thrilling bit of excitement and anxiety in the air. All alone with our baby girl. The quiet before the unknown. Darkness in the house, but lots of light in our lives. Ohmygosh we were officially parents — Madelyn’s biggest fans.


  1. Cathy
    8/23/2011 8:52 PM

    I love the 2nd to last pic…he wants to see his sister so bad!!!!

  2. nicole
    8/23/2011 8:34 PM

    me love this. so. much.