BabyFest 2011: Madelyn’s New Friends

Madelyn got to meet some new baby friends this past week! Over the summer, there was an explosion of babies all around the time of Madelyn’s birthday. Hmmm there must have been something very romantic about last November and December… Anyway, in the first few days of September, a new friend and a new cousin came into the world and little M got to meet both of them this week.

Becky and George’s new baby girl, Día, will be the beautiful new dancer star in the front row of all the big numbers in future Simi shows. Her not-as-dancey pal, Madelyn, will probably take after her two-left-feet mommy and daddy who are always in the back row fumbling through Becky’s choreography. No rivalry there! BFF for life.

But for now, Día and Madelyn are enjoying babyhood with all the girly cuteness and the theater moms (all of ’em!) continue to gush.

And then, the next day, Madelyn’s cousin Ocean came for a visit and they even linked arms and schemed together about all the future trouble they’ll plan for the mommies, my cousin Jaimie and me. They began their commotion while making their entrances into the world because both Jaimie and I had the same last-minute c-section after our babies decided it would be much more fun and dramatic to hang out at the end and not budge through to the outside world. Thanks, kids.

Ocean was surrounded by women and he tolerated it well. Looks like he’ll have no problem being the class heart throb! He’s a cutie, for sure, and all of Madelyn’s girlfriends are going to want to meet her gorgeous cousin. We’re all going to have lots of fun times at Ocean’s Grammy’s house at the beach with all the other adorable kids and gushing grown ups.