Mom Confessions

by Alison Friedman in Mommy's Musings

Motherhood has brought about a whole new set of ideals, preferences, and values. I am basically the same person (depending on what you think of me, that’s either a good thing or a bad thing), but I now have thoughts about things that I’d never considered prior to becoming a mommy. Some of these things are embarrassing. But because this is my little corner of the Internet, I’m going to disclose them.

1. I like to pick Madelyn’s boogers from her nose. I try to avoid using the snot-sucker from the hospital because it’s just not as fun as picking the boogers myself. Plus, it doesn’t really fit in her nose that well, so uh, yeah, that’s really why. But the girl has a lot of boogers these days (oh dear, does this mean she’s going to be a mouth breather? Mouth breathers always look confused as they walk through life) and sometimes they just dangle in the wind so I angle my pinkie fingernail and scoop it out. It’s quite satisfying. Go rent a baby and try it if you don’t have a baby of your own.

2. I’ve never been a gambler or a risk taker. I’m comfortable with the predictable things in life and I like being in control of most situations. But there’s something exhilarating about playing “Beat the Pee” when Madelyn is on the changing table. She looooooooves having her diaper changed (what a princess!) and we always have a lot of fun playing and singing and making embarrassing sounds together. I use this opportunity to allow Madelyn airing-out time, but secretly, I enjoy the rush of taking risks, fully knowing she could pee at any second. Sometimes, I lose and she pees before we are done playing, but let me tell you, nothing feels more victorious than getting through a nudey-tushie session without a stream! I love living on the edge.

3. Madelyn is still chowing down on her formula. The doctor said we could start the switch to solids with oatmeal cereal, and we’ll probably give it a go this weekend when Bryan and I can both be home to witness this milestone. This means I have to buy a brand of food. I haven’t had to think about this. In the beginning, the brand of food she got was called Boob Juice, straight from my tap. Then that all stopped (eye roll) and we are now feeding her a very $$ special $$ formula for her milk protein allergy. That’s it. No real decisions necessary. Now there are actually shelves with products from which to choose. And here’s the thing: I don’t think I really care about organic. Gasp. I know. What kind of 20-something mother am I and how do I have the audacity to be a Californian? Good for all the moms who spend the time reading every label and paying the big bucks for the high end food. I just don’t have that kind of dedication. And of course I want the best for my kid, but how much better is organic baby food? I don’t even strictly eat organic! And I certainly didn’t as a baby because, well, the word “organic” didn’t really exist in the era of my childhood. And yes, the cliche “…and I turned out fine!” is the name of the game here. So, I don’t know. I mean, Madelyn will get her nutrients because I really do like yummy and fresh produce, I plan to make her food that is balanced, and I fully understand the dealio with high fructose corn syrup (boo! hiss! See?), but when there’s a dollar difference between mushy peaches in the jar, I’m going with the one that allows Madelyn to still go to college.

4. I’m fascinated by poop. Riddle me this: Madelyn consumes the same liquid all day, every day. Thus far, nothing is ever different about her diet. Why on God’s green (organic?) earth, then, does her poop vary so frequently? One day it’s liquidy. One day it’s solid. One day it’s mossy green. Another day it’s spinach green. Sometimes it’s both greens! (Ooo! That’s exciting! Double whammy!). The same liquid can create so many different results. Eighth wonder of the world.

5. I kiss Madelyn maybe 47,000 times a day. It’s probably borderline harassment how many times I kiss her per day. But I can’t get enough of her fuzzy hair on her head on my lips or her buttery soft cheeks on mine. I just cant. stop. kissing. her. After she sneezes that cute little “A-too! A-too!”, I kiss. After she yawns with that wide mouth and yummy baby breath, I kiss. After she giggles her giggle that sounds better than Mozart, I kiss. Forehead, cheeks, neck, earlobes, mouth, belly — it’s like an addiction. Madelyn has a soft lovey that soothes her and helps her fall asleep or feel comfortable. I think Madelyn is my lovey. Her sweetness soothes me and every time I give her little butterfly kisses all over, I feel calm and happy. Those are some crazy endorphins, man.

  1. K
    12/22/2011 9:48 AM

    Awww. Yeah, sometimes my lips are chapped from kissing F so much. And hugging. Enjoy your baby!