Baby Mama

by Alison Friedman in Marvelous Madelyn, Mommy's Musings, Videos

I look pretty good… for a grandmother. Madelyn received two babydolls for Hanukkah and has since taken motherhood very seriously. Sigh. There’s nothing like watching your daughter become a mother. Thankfully, the birth was easy, like tearing paper off a box, and there are no diapers to change because the fabric crotch is stitched on pretty heavily. The babies don’t sleep, but they’re also never awake, so ya know, Madelyn is a well-rested mama considering her two-week-old newborns in the house.

It’s actually pretty fascinating watching Madelyn mother the fruits of her… imagination. She talks in soft, playful Madelynese (Madelyn language) to them. And she pats their plastic-grooved hair with such toddler tenderness (read: like Ringo on his instrument). She carries them everywhere with her, never letting go, even if upside down. Her nurturing skills are so innate. I wasn’t there for one of the births (Bryan and I were out on a date when the baby was born/gifted by Mimi), but I was told that as soon as Madelyn could have skin-to-plastic with her new baby, she instinctively picked up the plastic pink bottle that came in the doll box/the hospital provided and brought it to the baby’s mouth for the first feeding. I know I’m a little bit biased, but holy mother of dolls, my daughter is brilliant.

I love watching her with her baby dolls. She loves to push them in the stroller and she even rocks them side to side and sings. Is this imitation? Is this nature? I don’t know, but it’s pretty effing cool.

Mother and daughter bonding with singing and laughter.

Baby Mama pats Baby Doll’s back to get a good burp out of her! All that air milk will really make a doll gassy…

“Gotta work off the baby weight with a run in the jogging stroller! We’ll take the route that goes from the mirror to the crib. No hills. All scenery.”

“Safety first! Buckle in baby and no one gets hurt.”

Hey doll, I just met you. And this sounds crazy. But here’s my Fisher Price Cell Phone. So call me, maybe?

Madelyn showcases her instinct: even when she falls off a padded chair that’s 7 inches from the carpet below her, she maintains her grip on her baby, never letting her get away.

As they say: It takes a village.

Madelyn puts her baby into a milk coma. Smart mama.

And then, just when I put the camera down, I put the video camera on to capture the ultimate bottle feeding. Rookie moms, take note: THIS is how to be a Jewish mother and make sure your child eats.

  1. Wendy
    12/21/2012 2:18 PM

    LMAO…I die.
    Your posts are hilarious, and your daughter is ridiculously delicious. I would read ANYTHING you write…you are just so damned entertaining.