Turning Two Today

by Bryan Friedman in Daddy's Corner

TwoHappy 2nd Birthday! No, we haven’t entered a time warp or powered on our flux capacitor. We really are celebrating a second birthday. Born Friedman is two years old today. Crazy, right?! It seems like just yesterday I was laboring through the wee hours of the morning to bring it into the online world. It’s only two and it’s already been through a makeover. Oh, how these blogs grow up so fast.

I think the best part of having started this blog almost a whole eight months before becoming parents is the ability to go back and read just how clueless we were before Madelyn came into our lives for good. Sure, we were scraping the bottom of barrel for anything to write about at the time where we now have tons of tantalizing toddler tales to share. But it was more therapy and less content during that pregnant preparation period. I mean, who can forget my scintillating story of the ever popular fruit-to-embryo comparison? Or Alison’s joyful jaunt through Old Navy as she shopped for maternity clothes and pondered the gender of the baby? And of course, the stunning reveal when we finally found out we were on Team Pink! Then there was Princeton’s pictorial portrayal of his last trip as an only child and mama’s colorful recounting of the baby’s room renovation from office to nursery. And, of course, there were the final two posts, one from mom and one from dad, just days before Madelyn’s arrival would change Born Friedman forever.

Wait, you don’t remember those epic posts?!?

Yeah, I didn’t either. That’s because Madelyn’s arrival changed everything forever. I barely remember life without her!

Sure, Alison and I (and Princeton) have our place on the blog, but it’s undeniably Madelyn’s now. I look at it as our gift to her. Something she will read, examine, enjoy, and be embarrassed by later in life. And, at least until there’s another child born Friedman, she’ll be the star of this tiny little corner of the Internet.

It’s been almost six months since Madelyn’s first birthday, which means we’re just over six months until (OMG I can’t believe it!) her second. But I’ll use today, the second birthday of Born Friedman, to reflect on those early months of its life, before Madelyn, when the posts weren’t as compelling, as comical, or as cute.

  1. Mimi
    1/21/2013 5:54 PM

    Well, it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway–I am your biggest Born Friedman fan & I have enjoyed reading every.single.word—from pre-Madelyn on!
    Happy #2 Birthday & congratulations on your very entertaining blog. I look forward to many many more laughs, tears, ooos & ahhs with The Friedman family. What a wonderful blog of memories for all of you (& her Mimi & Poppa).