A Blog Is Born

by Bryan Friedman in Daddy's Corner, Pregnancy

Well, this is it – my second contribution to our child. I won’t lie. After excitement and anxiety, the third thing that came to my mind after finding out we were going to have a baby was “Sweet! I get to make a web site!” Before I could start thinking of baby names, I knew I had to think to of domain names. So welcome to “Born Friedman.”

I know it seems like somewhat shameless self-promotion. We’ve already started down the path of the annoyingly proud parents before the kid is even brought into the world. (Let’s be honest though…we’ve been pretty obnoxious online with our dog as it is, so if you’re reading this, you’re probably already used to it.)

But seriously, I do think this is a great way for us to share the incredible experience of having a child, especially for the first time, with all of our family and friends. We’ll post pictures, videos, tell stories and share our thoughts. And maybe we’ll even end up being entertaining. It’s like a public baby book. I can’t wait to embarrass our child one day by showing it (gotta be careful with the gender references here) all this stuff. So, kid, here we go!