I Get A Kick Out Of You

by Alison Friedman in Mommy's Musings, Pregnancy

Dear Baby Girl,
Today, I felt your first kicks. I was unsure if you were on your way to making yourself known to me from inside because the last few days, I felt something aflutter, but my inexperience also made me doubtful. I was told not to expect to feel you until around week 20, so when I felt your first set of twitches mid-week 17, I had no idea you were about to start socializing with me. Tonight, though, it was without a doubt that your kicks and waves hello were stronger and pronounced.

I stopped mid-conversation with your daddy, grasped my lower right belly, and tried to hold on to feeling you. I wasn’t sure how long your inner-cameo would last. Turns out, what felt like gas bubbles or muscle spasms was a longer series of movement from you. Again, I doubted at first that it was really you, and then realized it couldn’t be gas, as there was no, well, how do I say this?, end result to the sensation. I feel I can be candid with you because, after all, we are connected and you’re probably hearing and feeling all of your mommy’s natural, bodily functions anyway! So after speaking with a few other experienced mommies, we confirmed that those bubbles were indeed your kicks and I continued to hold on for the ride.

Daddy came over and tried to feel you, but you’re still too little to make your presence known on the outside. That’s okay. I think he still likes to hold you from the outside even if he can’t feel you yet. We know that you’ll get stronger and show off your knees and ankles and elbows with jabbing motions soon. We’re both looking forward to that. Our little Alien Baby.

After your short audition to become a Rockette (tee hee!), your big brother, Princeton, came and laid keppe on my belly. I don’t know what kind of sense dogs have about babies, but I sometimes wonder if he knows you’re in there. You’re going to love him when you meet him. He’s soft, and cuddly, and gives the best kisses. And you’ll enjoy laughing at all of his funny tricks and personality. I’m sure he will adore you, too.

Thanks, daughter, for checking in with me tonight. I don’t get to see you very often. Every few weeks or so, we’ll see you on the camera at the doctor’s office, but it’s never enough. The handfuls of days in between go by so slowly and I often wonder what you’re up to in there. As you may or may not know, your mommy is a bit of a control freak (don’t worry, your teen years will still be fun!), so it’s hard for me to go through my weekly routines without having any idea what you’re up to. I want to be there for you, and I know that just by being healthy and getting sleep, I am a good enough help to you. It means a lot to me, though, that you gave me a little sign tonight that things are progressing and you’re living it up inside me.

Please stay in touch. It’s never a bad time to say hello.

You had a big day of activity. Sweet dreams — to both of us — of kick lines and jazz hands. No doubt that’s what you’re up to, my Broadway baby.


  1. Grandma Ellen
    3/4/2011 3:45 PM

    Okay, so I got a little misty too. You’re adorable, Alison. However, if her teen years are really gonna be fun for both of you, you’ll have to write a book as to how that’s done! JK….I’ll be on the sidelines smiling.

  2. Mom Sharon
    3/4/2011 3:15 PM

    A lovely and touching expression of your thoughts and feelings (no pun intended) during your time towards motherhood. Thanks for giving me a lump in my throat, and I’m glad I wasn’t wearing eye make-up. Can’t wait to meet her.