Madelyn’s First Moments

by Alison Friedman in Marvelous Madelyn, Mommy's Musings

We all enjoyed a lazy family weekend at home and enjoyed spending quality time with Madelyn. She’s really aware and curious now, and loves to be held facing outward so she can see the world. She’s a little baby Yenta already. We watched her explore on her new play mat and discover the adorable baby looking back at her in the mirror. It’s so clear that she’s becoming a real person and it’s fun to be surprised by her new changes.

I got a little nostalgic and looked through the zillions of photos from her first few days with us in the hospital. She was so little and puffy and fresh. Her features weren’t very pronounced and her interaction with us was minimal. Still, we fell deeply in love with her then. And now? Well, now, forget about it. We’re mush!

I came across a video that Bryan took with his iPhone while he was in the nursery with her. I was still getting stitched up, and he got to escort her to be poked and prodded before her first bath. I had no idea Bryan took this video until yesterday when I found it in the pile of hospital photos, and I am so glad he captured her first minutes after she was taken from me in the O.R.

And now, after seeing this, it’s obvious just how far Madelyn has come in her almost-12 weeks. She’s been changing right before our eyes, and these first recorded moments mark the beginning of our lifelong happiness with our daughter. Not going to lie — I totally teared up when I watched this for the first time yesterday. Daddy of the Year, my husband.