Seven Months!

by Alison Friedman in Monthiversaries

Between a drought of creativity and a robot who hacked the back end of this here bloggy-blog, it’s been a quiet few weeks here on BornFriedman. Oops. Madelyn has been keeping us busy and active parents as she seemingly grows eons every day.

On March 9th, she turned 7 months old! Seven months is more than halfway to twelve months, twelve months is a year, a year is basically a toddler, and toddlers quickly turn into kindergartners who go on to college thirteen years later, so yeah, Madelyn is basically a sorority girl already. Sigh. I can’t even handle how fast the time flies. I sound like that old lady in Macy’s who looks into the stroller, sees a baby, makes the tsk-tsk sound of nostalgia as she nods her head and then says to me as if she’s my therapist,”It all just goes so fast.” Yes. It does. Lady is right. There I said it. Now stop telling me, ladies!! Salt. Wound. And all that.

As quickly as it all goes, each stage is my favorite. Just when I think the previous month was as good as it gets, the next months has me all warm and fuzzy, full of beaming love for my kid. I can’t help it. She is pretty awesome.

This month, Madelyn…

  • Discovered her voice. Watch out, Christine. The Phantom of the Opera found a new Angel of Music. Madelyn is making all kinds of sounds, mostly high pitched, some of them … um, irritating. But some are just so funny! She does this thing where she kind of gargles like she’s a chassidic Jewish man with a bottle of Scope in her throat. That’s it. We are changing her name to Tevye. Add the gutteral sounds to a squeal and we’ve got ourselves a hysterical one-man (baby?) band. She cracks herself up over it, too, which, ya know, is icing on the kosher cake.
  • Is chowing down on baby food! She started on cereal in the past month, but now she’s eating legit veggies and fruits made by Earth’s Best. I considered making her own food. But since I can barely get meals on the table for the adults in the house, I decided to go with the organic jars. I say “organic” so that I’m not judged as harshly. But anyway, Madelyn is legit eating. It’s pretty cool. She started with peas. Wasn’t such a fun. But then she tore up the carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash. Then we reintroduced the peas and she’s on board. Fruits are a big hit as she’s scarfing down apples, pears, apricots. She’s just about ready to move on to the more complicated mixtures like corn and brown rice or cranberry and pumpkin. Quite a smorgasbord, that baby food.
  • ALMOST began crawling. Ohmygosh you guys, she is SO CLOSE. She gets up on all fours, rocks back and forth a bit, and then goes all 80s on us and does The Worm. She’s so hardcore. She hasn’t quite figured out that she needs to move forward to go anywhere, but she manages to get to where she wants to go by rolling. “Squirmy” might be an adjective that comes to mind when thinking about Madelyn’s physicality. “Exhausted” is an adjective that comes to mind when I think about my feelings when thinking about Madelyn’s physicality. I predict by the Eight Month! blog post she will be crawling.
  • Responds to people! When seeing some of her favorite peeps, Madelyn lets out a coo and smiles so big, her cheeks fall off her face. Her eyes light up and then she kicks and flaps her arms out of pure joy (see above: “Squirmy.”). It is especially cute when we pick her up out of her crib in the mornings or when she sees her Daddy upon his arrival home from work. And our egos are totally swelling, so really, it’s a win-win.

Month 7 has a lot of fabulous events to look forward to and it’s going to be so fun living them with her!

  1. Chris
    3/12/2012 11:42 PM

    Okay. That’s it. Madelyn is definitely the cutest baby in the world. I just love the closeup – and the tush shot. OY!