When I Brush, You Brush, We Brush

by Alison Friedman in Marvelous Madelyn, Mommy's Musings

Today was Madelyn’s 18-month check up and the doctor said she is right on target for all her stats. She weighs just under 25 pounds, is 33 inches tall, and demonstrated some of her tricks for the doctor who noted that she’s doing great. Proud mama beamed!

During pediatrician appointments, the doctor always asks the parent a list of questions about the kid and it’s seriously my favorite part of this every-three-months routine.

“How many hours per night does she sleep?” “Fourteen,” I say casually, like, psshh, no big deal. The doctor raises an eyebrow and tells me I’ve hit the jackpot.

“Is she eating all her food groups?” “Yes,” I say. “She can’t eat broccoli fast enough! Sometimes I have to make seconds!” It’s moments like these that give me a safe outlet to brag.

“Are you brushing her teeth?” “Yup,” I reply. “Every night, she brushes her teeth and her baby doll’s teeth. Sometimes she puts up a fight and I’ll have to brush my teeth with her, which she thinks is a hoot.” And on the topic of teeth, the doctor tells me we can start our first visit to the dentist!

I’m so excited for this! As a kid, I was a dental freak. No cavities to this day! I used to do a really good pre-brush before I went and the hygienists were always pleased with my performance. I suppose that’s kind of like cleaning for the cleaning lady, but you want to put on a good show for the pro, right? The dentist gave the kids a sticker chart and I always filled it up super fast and scored the highest possible grade for brushing. Back then, I was clearly motivated by incentives.

Anyway, the best part in all this is that Madelyn is going to go to the same dental practice. I’m really looking forward to helping her have the healthiest pearly whites possible! Ever since her teeth popped through, we’ve made it part of our nightly routine to brush. The “brushing” consists of a lot of chewing on the bristles or sucking on the fruit-flavored toothpaste. Hey, practice makes perfect, right?

The other night, in my efforts to make Madelyn part of the cast of Brushing with the Stars, she insisted on brushing MY teeth. She forcefully shoved the toothbrush around my entire face. It was basically a really cheap facial with an emphasis on the exfoliation part.

I guess now she’s helped prepare me for the dermatologist.